Living in the NOW —— Integrating the Be-Do-and-Have Principles

The Be – Do – Have Principles

Just for a moment, reflect upon natures way vs human nature’s way via the Acorn-Seed Metaphor:


The essential wisdom of ancient Zen Buddhist teachings can be summarized within the
BE – DO – HAVE Principle.

Nature’s way:

  • Focus on Inner Potential (acorn)
  • Purpose-Driven Constant Nurture
  • Deeply-Rooted Accomplishments (Oak tree) that outlast the most difficult challenges

Human-Nature’s way:

  • Focus on HAVING (Money / Power / Status / Possessions)
  • – “so that I can DO what I want”
  • – “so that I can BE happy”

When we overly concentrate our energy and life-force on “Having” – we start to loose perspective of what we “love to DO” and “who we really ARE”. As a result, we take a huge risk of missing our true potentials!

So what can we DO ?

Consider the words of wisdom from Socrates – “Know Thyself” – along with three reflection questions that each one of us needs to answer, and then integrate into our daily lives.

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