Think And Grow Rich – In Focus, Purpose, Character, And Results That Matter …

Among the many Tools-4-Attaining-Wisdom available to improve the overall quality of your life, the essential principles within the next few lines are worth practicing daily – for the rest of our lives…

  • What did Socrates mean a couple of hundred years ago when stating “Know Thyself” ?
  • And why do ancient Buddhist teachings remind us of living in the NOW ?

The below illustration and suggested reflections are meant to answer just that !

While reading-on, ask yourself, “How can I integrate this wisdom into my daily life so that I may experience a deeper sense of purpose, awareness, peace, and accomplishment?

DON’T SKIP THIS STEP – Your Quality of Life Depends Upon It !  🙂

Profound and lasting change begins with your awareness to the below questions – whereas the actual outcomes depend on how well you will integrate the answers to the below questions into your daily life:

And yes: this would be an excellent time to reflect and capture your insights on paper 🙂 !

Daily reflection questions to maximize the outcomes of our days and weeks

WHO AM I ?  —  Awareness of Who I want to “BE”
– What are my values that define WHO I AM ?
– And what events and activities align with my core values today / this week ?

WHAT DO I LOVE TO DO ? — Find your Passion !
– What do I passionately enjoy doing that I choose to practice daily within the next few weeks ?

WHAT DO I WANT TO ACHIEVE ? — HAVING Purpose Driven Results
– What are the essential few outcomes for the next days and weeks that align with my values, passion, and overall purpose in life ?


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Tools” 4 Wisdom:
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As a final thought:
Wisdom by definition is “Applied Knowledge”.
— How can you apply the above insights to improve the quality of your daily life – and the lives of the ones you love ?